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  • Rich Moyette


Being quarantined doesn't have to be so bad! We know these are times of uncertainty, and things are getting pretty crazy. In the wake of this Coronavirus we are writing to let you know that we are still here, creating awesome dishes, coming up with lots of content, and planning for when we can get back out into the world!

We are still shipping ALL of our sauces anywhere in the country! The best part? Order FOUR or more bottles and the shipping is FREE! Yup, you heard that right. So stock up for these next few weeks! Get it while you can so your meals can still be tasty! Order yours today.

Did you know we have an entire Recipe section on our website? It's created with all of you in mind - simple, easy to follow, and quick to make. I'm sure you have many of the ingredients in your house already! Who says your dinners have to be boring while you're stuck inside?

Are you more of a visual person? We've got you covered! Visit our youtube channel Cooking With Big Rich for step by step directions on how to cook most of the recipes listed on our website.

You see, the possibilities are endless! We don't want you to sacrifice flavor during these times of uncertainty. Also, it is the PERFECT opportunity to spend some time with your family! Cooking together is a fun way pass the time, and with delicious results like these, everyone will be happy!

I encourage you all to support other small businesses at this time as well. They are struggling at this time and need your support. We will all get through this together (separately but together.)

Stay Healthy and Eat well.

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