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Cooking With Big Rich - Almond Crusted Blueberry Salmon

We've always got a way to add a twist to your meal! This time we're fancying this up - salmon Big Rich's style. You're friends and family are going to think they're out for a fancy meal, but you can make this dish in a little over 30 minutes!

In our latest episode of Cooking with Big Rich we're serving up almond crusted blueberry salmon! On the healthier side, we're serving it with mixed veggies and rice - but you can serve it however you'd like! Plus, we're using our NEW Blueberry Habanero sauce. Available on our website now!

Don't believe me? Try it for yourself! Find the recipe, photos and episode below.

What you need:

3 Pieces of Salmon, skinned

2 Lemons, sliced

Bread Crumbs

Sliced Almonds, chopped too

Mixed, Chopped Veggies

Jasmine Rice

Big Rich's Spicy Teriyaki

Big Rich's Blueberry Habanero

1.Chop the sliced almonds a little further

2. Mix the almonds with the bread crumbs

3. Cover the salmon with the almond/breadcrumb mixture and put on baking sheet

4. Drizzle with Big Rich's Blueberry Habanero sauce and top with Lemon wheels

5. Bake in the oven at 375 degrees for 30 minutes

6. Sautee the mixed, chopped veggies with Big Rich's Spicy Teriyaki sauce

7. Serve with Jasmine Rice

8. Enjoy!

Another bomb-diggity recipe! Watch the episode below:

Try it for yourself - simple and delicious. We guarantee it!

Stay tuned for more recipes, reviews, and more! Stay healthy and as always, Eat Well.

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