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I'm back! Welcome to my first review. Who better to bring you local restaurant and food reviews that Big Rich himself?

I want to share my local favorites with you, to spark some mouth watering ideas and dishes and simply get you out trying new, delicious foods. Plus, I'm always looking to try new foods too! Please feel free to comment your favorite local restaurants and dishes for me to try.

This past weekend we visited Salvatore's in Medford. This local, contemporary Italian chain is well-known for its hand tossed pizzas, but it has so much more than that. Located at 55 High Street, it is right off exit 32 from Route 93 . Find out more information on their website

Now, we've been many times but I decided to stray away from my normal favorite dish and try something new. A classic favorite, chicken parm.

One thing you can always count on Salvatore's for is a decent meal. They consistently serve up good Italian. Although this dish was not my favorite, I give it a 4 out of 10 stars, there is one dish here I would rate much higher.

If you go to Salvatore's in Medford I would recommend the Chicken Thai Chili Pizza. Stay tuned - maybe there's a blog post of this yummy feature!

Overall, Salvatore's is a great Italian restaurant and I would recommend.

Eat well.

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