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  • Rich Moyette


So you know about our recent contest - it was pretty simple. We constantly see your photos floating around of these amazing recipes you all come up with using our sauces and rubs. We held a contest, and even extended it because well, we just couldn't get enough!

We saw your submissions, saved a BUNCH of recipes for future episodes (hint hint) and even wiped drool from the corners of our mouths.

But in the end we had to choose one winner. And although it was a tough choice, we chose a submission that checked off all the boxes. He tags us, he hashtags us, he enters his dishes into BBQ contests, and c'mon - look at that presentation!

Congrats to bbqsnbrewsbrad on Instagram!

We also wanted to show you all of the other amazing submissions during the last few weeks. Check out these dishes, everything from homemade gnocchi to calzones, and of course BBQ ribs on the grill! Our customers are SO creative.

Just because the contest is over doesn't mean you can't keep tagging us in your recipe photos. In fact, we ENCOURAGE it! There is nothing we love more than to see what you've been cooking up. And who knows, maybe we'll feature it on a future episode of Cooking With Big Rich!

That's all for now, as always eat well.

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