“I met Rich at a fair in New Hampshire. This is the best sauce I have ever had! I am definitely a customer for life, well done Big Rich’s Hot Sauce!”

-Tony H

"Flavor, all marinades are unique in their own way. Whether you like spicy, hot or very hot, there are many to choose from. Sweeter the better for me!!!"

-Patsy K

"This sauce is the best! We use the Original on just about everything, and I love to brush the Peach Mango on grilled shrimp. You really can’t go wrong!"

- Jenn B

"This sauce is AWESOME! My favorite is the Bacon with the Maple a close second. Ketchup is boring sometimes, so I use this on my turkey burgers, hamburgers, and hot dogs. The kick is perfect!!"

- Drew J

"I love these sauces! Great on everything from burgers to tofu. Excellent poured over chicken in the crockpot or as a spicy sauce on enchiladas. Huge hit last year in the Buy Local baskets I made for Xmas swaps!"

- Denise K

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